Introducing: The BH Project


A great way to understand the design and build of a home is to undergo one yourself. Lucky for you it won’t cost you a thing. As for us, we will be putting in our blood, sweat, and tears (and of course all our money) into this project, all while giving you, the readers, and backstage pass to witness the ongoings from start to finish.


The Future Homeowners

You will follow along an extended family that includes a Building Designer, a Machine Operator and a nearly retired General Contractor / Framer. The first family is no secret, it is myself, my husband and our young baby girl. The next couple are my parents who are both searching for a place to retire to.


The Project Scope

The project scope is simple - we are looking for property that can accommodate 2 primary dwellings and a detached garage/shop with rec. room above. The property size needs to be a minimum of 5 acres to allow for privacy between the houses and the detached garage to be between the homes. Preferably treed and located in a small town. Small meaning that there aren’t too many traffic lights in the town centre and no paid parking. The maximum cost for the property: $300K. The approximate cost for building each house: $150K.


The Hurdles

I’m not going to lie, it’s not going to be pretty. And we don’t expect it to. We know the industry, the hurdles that we have to overcome, the arguments that will arise, and the unknown or unexpected costs. We expect to have our differences from couple to couple and between couples. We expect delays, hold-ups, and added requirements. But we mostly expect things to cost more than what we want to spend. This isn’t our first rodeo, but we are hoping this will be our last.

Let us take you through the journey of finding our slice of heaven in a large world and turning it into a two home estate with a bunkhouse, barn style workshop, and fielded grounds with ponds, community garden, BBQ / fire pit, and perhaps even a swimming hole. We’re going to keep going until the money runs out. Let's get our hands dirty. This is the whole story - we won’t hold anything back.


What do you want to hear about during our design and build? Tell us in the comments below!