Do you know the first steps of your design + build? How do you Select the right Pro’s Or evaluate quotes? Do you hire a General Contractor or Project Manager? designer or architect? how do you deal with your budget, bank loans, and draw schedules? And how do you deal with overwhelm and paralysis from all these questions?

What if it was actually possible to know the a’s to these q’s, enjoy the process of your design + build with confidence, and a step-by-step guide to boot?

Imagine no more uncertainty, second guessing, or hold-ups, but the knowledge and a 2nd opinion from a team that’s behind you all the way.

You know you should know more about your largest investment.. but where to begin.

What if it was actually possible to know you made the right hires, understood each role, including yours, made confident decisions, and enjoyed the entire process of your design + build?




Everything you need to know about hiring a
Licensed Residential Builder (LRB)

Either a General contractor or Project Manager, whichever one you choose will be in charge of your entire project; your go-to for questions and your sounding board between you and your subtrades.
Learn everything you need to know about your lRB: what they do, how to hire, what to watch out for, pricing models, budgeting, and more.


Ready to join? Here’s what you’ll get:

You could figure all this stuff out on your own, asking questions on forums only to get multiple answers, some of which could be wrong, write in to a reputable magazine but wait months to maybe get a response. OR, you could join our Masterclass and get the right advice in real time.



  • Step-by-step advice

  • Real life examples

  • Action challenges


  • Printable cheatsheets

  • Customizable docs

  • actionable checklists


  • Facebook group

  • Q+A follow ups

  • 1:1 consulting


This program is for you if…

We will walk you through exactly what you need to understand, know and - most importantly - DO in order to go from bare land and applying for permits to hire the right professionals and setting you up to build your home on time and within budget.

This program is built to help you:

- Understand the processes
- Define clear choices
- Get the right support


This program is not for you if…

We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. Nonetheless, we do not do your job or the job of your professionals.

This includes:

- Making decisions for you or your Pro’s
- Replacing your Pro’s or helping DIY
- Legal, insurance and tax advice



What is The Building Home Masterclass?
The BH Masterclass is a collection of comprehensive programs that aids in specific areas of your design + build. In each program, you’ll receive step-by-step advice, real-life stories, action items, printable documents and templates, Q+A follow-ups, 1:1 consulting, and more. We will be rolling out programs at a rapid pace this spring so stay tuned!

Is it for renovations or new builds?
Unless specified, a module is perfect for either a renovation or a new build.

What will the format be?
Online, learn through each program from any device. Offline, be sure to have a printer for worksheets and printable documents.

What happens when you buy?
After you create an account and enrol you’ll have instant access to all the information of your purchased program. You’ll also receive a welcome email with your login information so you can store and access it anytime.

Will you provide individual feedback?
Absolutely! You’ll be able to send us any questions throughout the enrolment. Don’t be shy, we’ll tackle any question you throw at us. If not, we’ll just let you know.

Which module should I start with?
We recommend beginning at the top and work your way down, but the choice is all yours.

What is the timing of each module?
The BH Masterclass and each program is a self-paced (and most importantly project-paced) program. You control when you start and finish.

How do I know this will help me and my project?
We understand that every person/project is different. And while we cannot guarantee the outcome, we’re confident that if you educate yourself and do the work you’ll get great results.



Follow along at your projects pace and revisit at any time



We offer a 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee



Available to all Canadian and international residents


get Your hands dirty!

Join us today for an amazing joint process of your design + build